Northmed Premium Portable Disinfection Stand with Touch-Free Gel or Liquid Dispenser

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Northmed Disinfection Stands are Premium high quality equipment with automatic dispenser sensor. Stands are made of high quality stainless steel and finished by powder coating with heat.

Available colors: Navy Blue, Strawberry Red, Matt Black, Granite Grey and Pine Green. (Custom color can be selected by agreement)

Available Power Supplies: 220v power cable or  220v power cable with Rechargeable battery for use in places where Power supply is not available.

Dispenser Dose: About 1ml is sprayed at the time.

Instructions: Put hands in triangle shaped area and wait till triangle light turns from red to green. In these 2 seconds sensor will notice hand movement under and will dispense gel or spray liquid in your hands. Massage gel or liquid with both hands. Wait for it to dry 15-30 seconds. You are safe, protected and good to go!

Dimensions: 25 x 14 x 123,5cm (Stand) 400x290 (Stand Leg) - (Custom leg can be made by agreement

Weight: ~25kg