About Us

Northmed - a company with a Soul, building a culture of Giving.

Smart Inventions Inspired by Nature. Northmed knowledge and experience is based on successful achievements in Industry of Cosmetics. Our goal is to bring you the best possible experience, emotions and protection while using our products. Our solutions are innovative, unique and friendly for health.

So without further ado, here’s a few of the ones we love the most - Premium Alcohol Free Sanitizers, Disinfectants & Cleaners. Clinical tests proves that our products kills up to 99,9% viruses and bacteria and are the best choice for kids protection. Our products are safe for your hands and does not harm, dry or damage skin. Products are alcohol free, gentle for skin, moisturising with enjoyable fragrance. Our special pleasant fragrances will not leave anyone indifferent! We spent months looking for ideas to get the best possible product and here it comes! We are representing northern values, traditions and diligence. And the best way to feel it is to try it! We love what we do!

We are trully openminded and flexible company for our partners and clients. We are happy about new projects and collaborations where the most "out of the box" ideas comes in true.