NORTHMED D3 Vitamin with black cumin oil

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The vitamin D contained in the composition helps to maintain a normal level of calcium in the blood, helps to maintain the health of teeth. Vitamin D contributes to the
normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

• Black cumin acts on the immune system as a general tonic.
Promotes energy activation, helps in cases of rapid fatigue and chronic
fatigue. Stimulates the activity of the thymus gland, which is
responsible for the body's defenses as a whole.
Contributes to the lowering of blood pressure, significantly reduces
the level of cholesterol and sugar in the blood.

• Tocopherol - antioxidant protects the body from the formation of
free radicals.

• Instructions for use
Product for oral use.
Vitamin D is best absorbed when taken with or immediately after a
One spray of vitamin D3 contains 100 ug / 40001U.
The bottle is for 140 uses.
Dose: Adults - 1 spray per day.